The Little Things

So often we speak of appreciating the “little things”…but then are they small at all? Are not the “small things” in our life that which surmount to the big things?

On the weekend, I did my usual Sunday ritual of going to the farmers markets followed by a coffee at a nearby cafe. It struck me as I was sipping my coffee and looking at my basket of vegetables, just how lucky I am to have such abundance so readily available to me. I had spent the morning listening to the farmers stories of the floods that have impacted their communities. And once again I was reminded of the fragility of life and the lives we build.

It drove home how easily we take for granted those “little things”. A belly full of food, clothes on our back, a roof over our heads, friendship, love. So often we get caught up in the rat race. That consumer driven culture that says more is more and if you’re miserable or feel empty, just buy more. And hey, while you’re at it, if you’re happy and celebrating, why not go out and celebrate by buying even more. While we are being told to make sure we keep up with the latest trends and fashions. Throw in this constant message that we have to keep achieving bigger and better things, bigger promotions, successes, titles, pay checks.

We have been programmed to not realise the concept of enough. We get so caught up in an illusory end game, that we push aside and take for granted that which really matters. We would not get far in life without food, shelter, love and friendship for very long.

It is okay to slow down. It is okay to take a breath and a step back. Take time to nurture the “little things” and soon you begin to realise they are in fact the big things in life. To appreciate that which sustains our existence here is to appreciate and celebrate being born at all. Soon those insurmountable “big things” begin to shrink – job stress, what so and so thinks of me, I can’t afford the latest *insert shiny here*. Are you fed, clothed, sheltered and loved…do you love yourself? If you are, then you are blessed. Celebrate what you do have and life will fall into place.

~ Fox Robin