Private Channelings

For those who are seeking guidance and clarification on their spiritual path. I work very closely with a small select group of guides, gods/goddesses and ascended masters. Depending upon your needs, the being best suited to help you will step forward. Most of the time this will be my very close guide Cuchulain.

Private channelings generally go for half an hour to an hour, depending on what spirit have to say. Questions are invited. Please note that this is not a traditional reading in the sense of fortune telling. Spirit are seeking to empower and help those on their path and assist with any blocks or hurdles they may be experiencing.

In person and Skype sessions are available.

Energy Healing with Channeled Message

A rebalancing and realignment of your energy field. Healing is channeled through by spirit to align, rebalance and remove energetic blocks which might be holding you back. This is followed by a private channeled message to assist with the healing.

St. Germain Channeling Evenings

Held on the first Friday of the month, St. Germain seeks to encourage all beings to come to their full potential, to come back to themselves and to know that they themselves are the divine. Information regarding the energy on the planet and how it is impacting the collective consciousness and individual beings is also provided. Questions for St. Germain are welcome. This is a group event, cost is $10. Please check the facebook page for event dates.