My Spirit Allies

Along the way, I have been reintroduced to many spirit allies or guides that help me in my work and my life. These are relationships which have been built over lifetimes, not only in this world, but in others also.

The ways in which I met them in this lifetime have their own stories and the ways in which they support me and touch my life are unique and special to each being. They are my family and close friends, I am in constant gratitude for their presence in my life.

Please enjoy the backstories behind the relationships I share with these beings.


I first became aware of Cuchulain in 2006. I had returned home from a camping trip, worn out I flopped onto the couch for a nap. My mother and sister said they were going to the shops and left. Next thing I heard heavy footsteps on the wooden floorboards. I opened my eyes, perhaps my mum and sister had not left yet. I look around, no one home but myself and no more noise. I close my eyes and again I hear the heavy footsteps on the wooden floorboards. This repeats a third time. Next thing I know, I am out of body flying over green rolling hills while I hear a deep masculine voice sing in a language I could not understand, yet seemed so familiar. Possibly a celtic language I thought. After a time of flying over these rolling hills, I come to abrupt stop.

My feet firmly planted on the grassy ground I stand before a tall muscular man, with broad shoulders. He is wearing a coat of animal skins and a headdress topped with antlers, something akin to the artwork you see of Cernunnos. I knew then and there, that he was my guide. And as quickly as it all happened, I was back in my body on the couch. I soon learned not only had he been watching my steps since birth, we had known each other for many incarnations.

Cuchulain is my main guide, very close ally, he is soul family and close friend. He has taught, guided and supported me through all the ups and downs in my life. He was the first being I purposely channelled and has taught me much of myself and the spirit world.

I always know he means business when he has his cloak and antlers on, otherwise he appears with his head shaven and deer skin pants on.

I did not learn of his name until years after the initial reintroduction, which is a story in itself. However, upon discovering I asked him if he was the Cuchulain of Irish mythology. I was told no, it was his nickname often in his Earthly incarnations due to his skill in battle and so it stuck.

And so we walk together exploring existence.

St Germain

St. Germain is an Ascended Master, an enlightened being. Keeper of the violet flame, he has spent many incarnations here on Earth, including as Merlin. He has returned to show humanity the gift of freedom, of transmutation.

He has come to encourage humanity to call back all the parts of themselves, bless them and integrate them into the whole once more. Humans have suffered enough, denied themselves of themselves enough. It is time for them to come to know again the I AM.

Through this, he wishes to assist those beings who are ascending, who have chosen to become enlightened with their task and to also assist those feeling the changing of the energies on this planet, as we enter into the Aquarian age and usher in a new era for humanity.

He comes with compassion so that all beings can know themselves, the I AM.

My personal journey with St. Germain started in the midst of a year of psychic attack. These entities had been tormenting me for 6 months at this stage. I was tired and worn out, there was nothing left in my tank. These beings would often try to chase me from my body and I would spend long nights fighting them off.

There was one night, where again I was fighting off the attacks from these beings. I was drained though and I reached a point where there was nothing left in me to keep them at bay. In that moment of knowing I was done, out of no where I was engulfed in a brilliant violet light, the name St. Germain reverberating through my being. The entities scattered and I went into a deep sleep surrounded and protected by the energy of St. Germain.

I will admit that at that point, I knew nothing about St. Germain, so I found myself googling him the next day. Who was this being that saved my skin? Little did I know at the time, that it was the beginning of an amazing friendship.