Doreen Virtue – We Lost One.

I have been debating whether to write a post regarding Doreen Virtue, as the internet has been saturated with them. However seeing her conversion, her list of what is considered “evil” both unsettled me and fascinated me…what drove her to this conversion and renouncement? Her conversion to Christianity sparked a lot of contemplation for me (I am a renounced Catholic).

Although I couldn’t be considered a follower or a “fan” of her work, the feeling I couldn’t shake after reading her list of “A-Z List of New Age Practices to Avoid, and Why” was this profound sense that we had “lost one”. I do not know if others resonate with this feeling, however for me it was as if the rocky road to consciousness had become too much and a being who was so dedicated to it had thrown in the towel.

This lead me to read her free eBook “The Joy of Jesus” which is available on her website. I needed to know why. Her rationale in the book, was that Jesus appeared to her while she was in church. He didn’t say anything, rather it was an intense experience of being engulfed in his energy.

However there is more to the story which is written in plain text through her book (although it is clear that she does not register it) and it is something that to me, highlights a belief I have observed in the New Age/Self Help community. If anything, I feel that Doreen Virtue is the canary in the gold mine for the New Age movement. I feel it can be summed up in this paragraph from her book:

“I’d get glimpses of happiness: appreciating a sunset, hugging a dear friend, walking my dog, savouring a great meal and so forth. But these experiences were always temporary and fleeting. Where was the lasting happiness? I knew it had to be somewhere!”

And lets face it, that is what the new age/self help movement promises – lasting happiness.

It is a belief that I am constantly challenging and one that St. Germain challenges in our channeling evenings quite often;

A. The end goal of enlightenment equates to eternal happiness.

B. Happiness is something that is outside of you and can only be achieved through external factors.

Life can be challenging shit if we want to be frank about it and it seems to be something that the new age/self help movement likes to dance around, because if life is challenging you, then you’re apparently doing something wrong.

I will admit that the question of – “why am I not happy?” spurred me on the spiritual path in the first place, but there comes a point where you have to let that go. There is a point where you realise that happiness is but one aspect of yourself and of human experience and that if one were to only ever experience happiness they wouldn’t understand what it was. In order to experience an emotion, one needs a reference point. Does happiness exist without sadness? The principles of alchemy would argue that happiness and sadness are the same thing and are but two poles at opposite ends of a sliding scale, with a kind of neutral zone at the center.

“Everything is dual; everything has poles; everything has its pair of opposites; like and unlike are the same; opposites are identical in nature, but different in degree; extremes meet; all truths are but half truths; all paradoxes may be reconciled” – The Kybalion

I am certainly not holding up the Kybalion in the way a Christian might hold up the bible, however I will accept pieces of wisdom where I find them.

An enlightened being has reconciled all their aspects – the good, the bad and the ugly. They no longer identify with these polarities as being who they fundamentally are, nor do they strive to live within the realm of a certain polarity. One who has awakened has stepped out side of this realm completely, with the paradox being, that they can then dive back in and experience ALL aspects of themselves without the baggage that may be attached to certain polarities. In other words, they are free.

Another quote from Doreen Virtue’s book “The Joy of Jesus”;

“Because I felt too frightened to research the topic of fallen angels and demons, I didn’t learn enough about them. The whole topic seemed scary and negative. I always tried to stay positive and avoid anything violent or upsetting. So I ignored the topic of researching fallen angels.”

This speaks volumes to me as someone who is not yet ready to face their “shadow” nature. After the honey moon period of enjoying “love and light”, everyone will then be confronted with their darkness or shadow…however that may look to an individual. Now I know she is referring to demons in this quote and I am not saying to go summoning unconscious spirits here (not really on my recommended list), however the fact that she adamantly tried to stay positive all the time and avoid anything that may be considered “bad” speaks volumes.

This is something the new age/self help movement constantly preaches; affirmation this, bad thoughts will bring bad situations that. What you end up with are a bunch of stressed out people who if they become skilled at it, can delude themselves maybe 90% of the time with their “positive vibes only” thoughts and then panic in that 10% of the time that “bad” creeps in. “Oh no! I had a bad thought about my financial situation. I will doom myself to be poor forever if I keep thinking this! I am wealthy…I am abundant….” and so they settle themselves back into the delusion until the next little scare.

The levee will break eventually. Your being in its entirety needs acknowledgement. If you want to make “good” and “evil/bad” a battle, then ultimately you are creating a battle with yourself. It is time to make peace with ourselves or we will constantly be running for new shelters, as in Doreen Virtue’s case – running from the shelter of the new age movement to Christianity. There will however come a time where that shelter will no longer hold back the tide either.

We are all guilty of it too, so let us not sit back, point fingers and feel smug. It may not be changing religious beliefs, but it can be more mundane things also – I’ll have lasting happiness when I find the perfect job/partner/life situation etc.

Ultimately, enlightenment will strip us of all of these things. It will make us look inward and see the vastness that is our being and our potentials and it will call us to take self responsibility.

Have we lost Doreen Virtue? No. And we must allow her the space to choose her own experiences, just as we have the freedom to do so as well. The game of “I am not enlightened” has many manifestations.

Ultimately if there is anything to take from this, it is to leave ourselves alone and understand that eventually everyone must embrace their shadow.


Photo by James Pond on Unsplash

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