What’s going on?

The most common question I get asked by both clients and people I encounter in my day to day life is – “What is going on?”

It has been a common theme for quite some time now, when I get them to explain further I am given a list of experiences ranging from anxiety, depression, feeling out of body or the world not feeling quite “real”, feeling lacklustre, feeling like they are going “crazy”, not feeling comfortable in their skin, not relating to their life and old ways of doing things not quite working any more, or hitting the mark like they used to.

I hear the story over and over again. So what exactly is going on?

We are at a turning point on the planet. No other time on the planet has been like this. We as a collective have asked that we wake up now, that we come back to ourselves – to come to know the I AM.

The easiest way to describe it, is that we are as a collective and on individual levels are shedding our skin. We have been living in a collective illusion for thousands of years now and many of us have been repeating patterns of this illusion for lifetimes. Incarnation after incarnation, we go on repeat. Now the vibration of the planet is rising and it is shaking up those patterns. This is in alignment with our higher selves.

Nothing outside of yourself can make you awaken, that is an individual choice. The human side of yourself however finds fear in this. How can I exist if I do not cling to what I feel makes up “me”?

This is a challenging part of the awakening process and St. Germain often describes it to me as “personality collecting”. The story can go something like this; my career, my clothes, my family, my friends, my past experiences, the entertainment I enjoy (music, books, film etc.), how I decorate my home, the car I drive, are all puzzle pieces that make up who I am.

Now when you buy into this story, that all of these external factors are the sum of who you are, when the energetic wake up call comes knocking at your door, your human self panics and generally as a result clings even tighter to the personality you have created.

Now creation is an important point here. You are the creator. Remember that at all times. If you can create one personality, you can create others. You are vast multidimensional beings and this way of viewing yourself, as a singular personality built on ones surrounding circumstances, is very limiting.

Generally anxiety gives way to lacklustre or a feeling of depression, because as you continue to cling to the external that you feel gives you a sense of being, you find that those external circumstances or activities of objects simply do not give you the same feeling they once did. You might be someone that identifies as being a “book person” someone that loves reading, your personality may very well be built on this. In your state, you might decide that reading will cheer you up, only to find that it does nothing for you.

This is perfect. This is your higher self and the new energies on the planet scratching away at the surface, saying “look deeper”. In these times I often say to people, that this is completely okay and instead of fighting it, to surrender. Accept that you do not know who you are any more, accept that the world and life feels “unreal” and just as a snake accepts the shedding of its skin as a natural process, embrace the changes occurring. Let them happen and gracefully allow the unveiling of who you actually are to occur.

You’re not going crazy, you are remembering who you are.

~ Fox Robin

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