It has been hard to write my first official blog post for this site. How do I encompass everything I wish to speak of? I don’t want this to be another spiritual site, I want it to be relatable. I want it to be grounded – well as grounded as someone who communes with spirit and nature can be. The bottom line is, I want it to be real. We came here for the human experience, so including articles about every day life and traversing the human experience is important to me and I am sure, would be appreciated by others.

I know many times in my life I have sought for solid and grounded advice, or have just sought out others who are having the same experience, only to be disappointed. It is all the same – have positive thoughts! White light the hell out of everything and if things are going “wrong” then obviously you’re doing it “wrong”. But what is “wrong” really? And who came up with the idea that when life gets tough it is because you are not a spiritually evolved being? This is a place where you can put down your affirmations and get real. What is reality anyway?

I have come to understand that peace and stillness is present in every moment, the question is, how present are you?

In the midst of chaos, can you know peace? Can you be conscious of your so called “negative thoughts and emotions” and be with them instead of fight them? And in the same vein, be with your positive thoughts and emotions; experience them and not have that fear that it won’t last. Peace is full acceptance of any given moment.

To deny any part of yourself or your life, is to deny the full spectrum that is existence. As my guides often say to me – they are all notes in the song of the universe. They all have their beauty.

I also seek to share my deep connection with both spirit and with nature and delve into the weird and wonderful worlds that we are so often conditioned by society to believe do not exist.

Here we can be ourselves. And with that, I welcome you all to my blog. Let us all have a conscious human experience.

~ Fox Robin