A message from St. Germain

“Dear ones, it is with heart that I address you today, for like every other day, today is one of great significance. Today is the day you could, if you choose, move into your enlightenment. Stop putting the idea out of arms reach, it is a foolish thing to do. Particularly when enlightenment is right there within you. Can you feel that? Can you take a deep breath and feel into your being, can you trust that at your core you are the existence of the universe, of that which is beyond even that. You beautiful soul are the core of all, that inner knowingness. Do not let yourself be any less than that – unless you choose to. Unfortunately, many humans have forgotten that they have chosen to. But that is okay, that is also part of the great dance of existence. The remembering, the falling, the cycling. It is all beautiful and is all one. There is a peace and stillness which pervades all experiences and all existences for those who wish to remember.

In service,

I AM St. Germain”

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