A message from St Germain

“Dear ones, I write to you today with much excitement in regards to the planetary shift and alignment which is taking place at this very moment! It is indeed auspicious and it is indeed very challenging for you all, but take heart, it is all as it is for a reason, it is all perfect and it is exactly what your higher selves have been asking for.

This dear ones is an opportunity, a gateway if you like back to your true natures. What could be more special than that? You will all now be identifying the different webs that you have been caught in, whether they be on a personal level or on a greater collective level. You may be finding yourselves questioning old patterns and beliefs of which were built upon the collective idea of what is “right”, what is “just” and what is for the “good of all”. But is it? I love this question, its a grand expansive question. What is right? What is the moral high road? And how can one achieve freedom within what appears to be the limits of human awareness, of the human paradigm?

Do remember however, that your level of awareness, whether in human form or not is completely up to you. You can transcend your current level of awareness at any time, in any space and in any form. So why is it dear ones, that you allow yourselves to be limited by your humaness? Just because you are encased in a human body, does not mean that you are not a multidimensional being beyond time and space, with the capacity to do anything. This is human thought. The only thing that holds you back in regards to being human, is human thought. It is the concepts of which humans have created energetic patterns with over lifetimes.

But here, here is the gateway NOW. Let me emphasise the NOW. No more “later”, no more “one day” or you will miss the boat entirely. The energy is ripe NOW and what happens to a ripe fruit if not eaten? If not used in its prime? It rots. So many souls are at that point now. Use your gifts, use what awareness you have to expand, or get not only more of the same, but what you have will also begin to degrade. The time is always now. I do not want to hear the excuses of the past, nor do I want to hear the excuses of the future. They do not exist, the past and future are not you, so why do you allow them to rule your lives as such? The time is now or you will rot. Plain and simple. Do you want to wither away with your could haves and should haves? Or do you want to now for once dive fully into the flow of what it is to be completely aware and present NOW?

The gifts that you miss in disregarding this time and place are unfathomable to the unaware, but to those who slow down – I emphasise this – slow down, those that take a conscious breath and with awareness take a look around them in this NOW moment, will know riches beyond anything they ever thought possible. Do meditate upon this, do take the time out to really come to terms with this, as this is your gateway to Freedom.

With full faith in your enlightenment,

I AM St. Germain.”

A message from Ascended Master El Morya

Today I have had the honour of channeling Ascended Master El Morya for the first time. It is always a blessing to create new connections.
“Greetings dear ones, I am El Morya and I seek to share wisdom with you today, this is a day of many days in which there can be a new light. Of what do I speak when I say a new light? I speak of the breath of fresh air that comes with letting go. Letting go of what exactly? Well, if you really wish to come down to the bottom line, I would say everything. But baby steps are needed in the human form, as we still must give honour to our human selves. This was a journey I too walked in my incarnations on Earth and the greatest service you can do for yourselves is to honour your human side and also let go. So when I speak of letting go, what is it I am speaking of? There are many things you can let go of, but perhaps I should explain the letting go part first. Let us just say that if one had an attachment and I mean that this particular object or way of being gave to the individual their sense of being, their sense of purpose and their sense of belonging. How would then that being interact with or view this particular object or persona? There would be a clinging and a great sense of fear in relation to the loss of this object or persona.
Now when one is in a fear state, then it is very difficult to really appreciate or enjoy the fullness of that object or persona. One falls into a state of identification, a mind identification that says that you will be less than if you were to let go of this object. But dear ones, do you know what happens when you throw caution to the wind? When you stop clinging, when you let go of that which you feel gives you purpose or a sense of being or achievement or status in this human world? Not only do you realise that it has nothing to do with you as a being in the full expression of the I AM, you also lose the fear. Once the fear is gone you can truly enjoy that human object or persona, or whatever it may be that you cling to. When one no longer lives from a space of loss and realises that they themselves are all and everything, a great freedom in the enjoyment of the human experience reveals itself and that in itself is the true gift.
With heart,
El Morya”

A message from St. Germain

“Dear ones, it is with heart that I address you today, for like every other day, today is one of great significance. Today is the day you could, if you choose, move into your enlightenment. Stop putting the idea out of arms reach, it is a foolish thing to do. Particularly when enlightenment is right there within you. Can you feel that? Can you take a deep breath and feel into your being, can you trust that at your core you are the existence of the universe, of that which is beyond even that. You beautiful soul are the core of all, that inner knowingness. Do not let yourself be any less than that – unless you choose to. Unfortunately, many humans have forgotten that they have chosen to. But that is okay, that is also part of the great dance of existence. The remembering, the falling, the cycling. It is all beautiful and is all one. There is a peace and stillness which pervades all experiences and all existences for those who wish to remember.

In service,

I AM St. Germain”